Smash Bros Lawl Fan Wiki

Welcome to the Smash Bros. Lawl Royal Wiki[]

Anyone who knows of the famous Smash Bros. Lawl will know where this is coming from.

What this is[]

This is mainly my own secret wiki that goes under the radar of the spinoffs mentioned on the main page of the World of Smash Bros. Lawl wiki, or Old Smash Bros. Lawl Origins wiki. Anyone who's seen Smash Bros. Lawl and/or its spinoffs can already take a hint as to what this is all about. At first the movesets for the characters were just total shit. Nowadays they are borderline okay. Unlike all the others, this is a lot more innovative and sensible. In fact, it does seem boring and that can really be saying something. Although the secrets of this interesting cult wiki will be broken free as birds of a feather.

Storyline to this FSR[]

At a time of year, at a time of day, dimensions clash out of nowhere, reawakening an ancient entity who was once evil. After noticing the collision course between universes, he decides to form a council in the New Vegas Strip and pick specified combatants to aid in a war against an awoken evil from archaic days of old. Some dimensions are more stable than others, which results in the skies and those flying across them to gain bizarre effects. There may even be a case of scraping by other dimensional anomalies, resulting in brief appearances of locales and other representatives of different legions.

Rules for this Wiki[]

1. Don't abuse anyone's account or troll anyone.

2. No CapsLock abuse.

3. Don't edit character pages and whatnot for the worst because you hate it or you'll be blocked.

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