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Smash Bros Lawl: Users is the first Lawl game to be created by AwesomeSeaCucumber. Instead of cartoon characters, the lineup of fighters consists of the Lawl creators themselves, fighting to the death by choice or by force. The game was originally going to be called Stupid Crap Bros.


Chaos has erupted on the World of Smash Bros Lawl, it is endlessly plagued by battle and destruction. The Masked Pope has organized a Lawl tournament for the Lawlers themselves to face each other, the last one standing will face the god himself. Should the chosen one best The Mask Pope, he or she will be granted rule over the world of Lawl. The question is... what do they want to do with it?

Confirmed Characters[]

The lawlers will actually be fighting as OCs. Each participating in the final battle for their own needs or desires. Bold = newcomer



  • The Masked Pope (announcer, must be unlocked)
  • Black Tiger



  • Amy Rose


After defeating The Masked Pope, the fighter will face one final adversary, usually their most hated enemy.

  • The Masked Pope again (Steven, Sandvich, Lydia, Cpend)
  • 2012 John (John)
  • Steven, Sandvich, Lydia, John, an Cpand as a team (The Masked Pope)
  • Donna (Jon)
  • Ultimate Vegus (Venis, and Vegus)
  • Tentacle Boy (Black Tiger)
  • Claire Gordon (Hector and Mamba)
  • Giant Clam (Billy the Stickfigure)


Unlike most Lawl games, Lawl: Users has text based endings that conclude the story the fighter that wins the tournament.

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