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Hector and Mamba
Some attributes
Universe OC
Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl: Users
Friends 'Fro Wielder
Available in Unkown

Hector an Mamba are a guest fighter duo in Smash Bros Lawl: Users.


Hector is already on the stage and takes a quick drink from his flask while Mamba appears beside him via wormhole.

Special Attacks[]

Neutral B - Green Ball[]

Mamba charges an energy ball in her hands, which grows bigger and bigger. The more it is charged, the more damaging it is. When fully charged, Mamba can move again and fire it at will.

Side B - Green Wave[]

Mamba thrusts a banana shaped wave of energy the opponent will be burned.

Up B - Teleport[]

Mamba teleports herself and Hector in a specified direction. If Hector is separated from Mamba, he will make a small dash forward in hopes of grabbing the edge.

Down B - Green Hole[]

Mamba draws nearby enemies towards her for two seconds. If anyone makes contact the ball in her hand, it will blast them off.

Final Smash[]

Mamba freezes the opponent in place, and Hector repeatedly slashes them with his knives then sends them off with a roundhouse kick. If Hector has been KO'ed, Mamba will instead become invincible and gains temporary control of whoever he caught.

Standard Attacks[]

  • AAA Combo - Hector repeatedly slashes his knife left and right
  • Dash Attack - Hector slide kicks
  • Tilt Forward - Hector slashes horizontally
  • Tilt Up - Mamba creates a small spark of energy above them
  • Tilt Down - Hector sweep kicks

Smash Attacks[]

  • Forward Smash - Hector throws Mamba forward
  • Up Smash - Hector throws Mamba into the air
  • Down Smash - Hector slams Mamba into the ground


  • Hector licks his knife in a threatening manner
  • Mamba shapeshifts into the last fighter she hit and laughs
  • Hector hits Mamba on the head with his elbow

Victory Poses/Failure Clap[]

  • Hector: "You can't even beat this old hag?"
  • Mamba: "You let this fat bastard beat you?"
  • Two try to strike a pose, but suffer back pain doing so
  • Hector and Mamba are arguing in the background