Earthworm Jim
PV Image Earthworm Jim
Some attributes
Universe Shiny Entertainment
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl Royal
Friends Peter Puppy
Enemies Psy-Crow
Available in Starter

 Entrance Edit

Spaceship Edit

Earthworm Jim Riding the Spaceship and Get On

Specials Moves Edit

Neutral B - Red Space Gun Edit

Earthworm Jim Use Red Space and Get Shoot 3 Times. or Press Holding to Target give 30% Damage. Press B to Cancel. and Shoot with Eyeballs. and Give Attack to Cancel. Or Trying Escape to Target

Side B - Eggplant Bomb Edit

Jim gives Eggplant Bomb every time says Ship 9 Times and Explode. or Use Quick Throw can Help You Out

Up B - Pocket Rocket Edit

Jim Launches Pocket Rocket Upwards and Usely for Worst all the Time. or Use Launch in Air

Down B - Green Zorro Edit

Jim Summons Green Zorro and Use a Attacks. Green Zorro give Assist to Explode

Final Smash - Evil Cow Edit

 KO Sounds Edit

KOSFX1: "Yow!"

KOSFX2: "I-Yow!"

Star KOSFX: *Goofy Holler*

Screen KOSFX: "Oh No!"

Taunts Edit

Up: "See Hard Delicious"

Side: "I Have Use for Bunny"

Down: "And This here my Barrel."

Victory Options Edit

  1. "Groovy!"
  2. "See ya Later"
  3. Earthworm Jim says "you're right little buddy the universe is full of strange things!", to which Peter Puppy replies "don't patronize me!"

Lose: Crying

Video Edit

Smash Bros Lawl Royal Character Moveset - Earthworm Jim

Smash Bros Lawl Royal Character Moveset - Earthworm Jim

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